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Ibiza in 3 days – Sun, sea and beach

As a first time visitor to this island of Spain, I was really excited to discover what the nature of Ibiza has to offer. We all know that this place is famous for its iconic clubs and nightlife, but behind all of that lays a beautiful island, with history, local culture, gorgeous sunsets, and crystal… Continue reading

Heart of Europe project – an all year European summer and beach weather

If you live in Europe, probably your dream might have always been to have summer weather all year round! What if we tell you that in a few years you can have it? As part of Dubai’s new mindblowing property developing projects comes The Heart of Europe. What is the Heart of Europe? Image source… Continue reading

Mars on Earth, a breathtaking scenery

Rocks, cliffs, mountains, extreme winds and red sand are what form the majority of the island of Lanzarote, Spain. This creates an incredible landscape scenery that would almost make you feel that you have found Mars on Earth. Have you ever wondered what would it feel like walking on the surface of Mars? Well, you can… Continue reading

5 things to see in Lanzarote, the volcanic beauty of the Canarias

Caves, rocks and national parks. If that is your thing, then you would love to visit this volcanic beauty of Spain. Despite the fact that it is a very small island, it’s totally worth your. I’d recommend coming for a weekend and explore a landscape unseen anywhere else in Europe. The best thing is that it’s… Continue reading

Isla Mujeres, an island to fall in love with

Have you ever wondered what paradise might look like? Look at these stunning scenes from this little island in the Carribean sea. Isla Mujeres might not be famous (or at least I didn’t know of it before) but it definitely made an impression. Isla Mujeres A 1000 square kilometers of an island with a few hotels, beautiful… Continue reading

Cancun is more than just the place for spring breakers

Heaven on earth or a party destination? Cancun can be either as it’s much more than just the destination for spring breakers. It could be the next place you would like to live in as it has it all – warm climate, good food and constantly developing business opportunities. When I first came, I stayed in… Continue reading