Isla Mujeres, an island to fall in love with

Isla Mujeres, an island to fall in love with

Have you ever wondered what paradise might look like? Look at these stunning scenes from this little island in the Carribean sea. Isla Mujeres might not be famous (or at least I didn’t know of it before) but it definitely made an impression.

Isla Mujeres

A 1000 square kilometers of an island with a few hotels, beautiful houses, and stunning beaches.

isla mujeres island architecture church

This island is also one of the very few places where you can rent a golf cart. It is allowed to drive it around the island, on the streets. You can even use it to go to the beach!

driving a gold card in isla mujeres

Playa Norte

The north side of the island has probably one of the most spectacular beaches that I have ever seen. Palm trees, sand, turquoise waters and yachts, beach huts and restaurants – it has it all!

playa norte isla mujeres beach cancun

On top of that, since I am a big fan of working out and the healthy lifestyle, I could even attend a yoga class at the beach and exercise.

yoga on the beach at playa norte isla mujeres

Sitting under the palm trees was probably the most relaxing thing I have done for ages.

isla mujeres beach

I was really amazed by the service I received while resting on the beach. Locals who live in Isla Mujeres or in Cancun take care that all visitors are kept safe and provide them with an outstanding service of food, drinks, sunbeds, etc. Of course, in exchange for a payment, but is absolutely worth it. You can feel safe to go swimming while your stuff is left at the shore.

I was welcomed very kindly in local shops, bars, and restaurants. I noticed that everything is made in favor of the visitors and the locals are always willing to do business with you. Everyone finds a way to earn money – working in tourist areas or simply selling what they craft on the streets and the beach.

shopping at isla mujeres on the beach

Even the restaurants that are located on the coastline offer to set up a table at the beach for a customer, so that you can enjoy a dinner at sunset feeling the warm evening breeze.

sunset dinner isla mujeres playa norte

Near the coastline, there are a few bars that would make you want to take the next flight and be there for an evening cocktail. I had the opportunity to have my birthday drinks celebration at such bar.

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The south side of the island

While the north side has an amazing beach, the south side keeps the ancient history of the island. There a person can find a very old statue of the goddess Ixchel.

ixchel goddes of isla mujeres cancun quintana roo

People have turned the remains of her temple into a museum and a viewpoint into the sea.