Cancun is more than just the place for spring breakers

Cancun is more than just the place for spring breakers

Heaven on earth or a party destination? Cancun can be either as it’s much more than just the destination for spring breakers. It could be the next place you would like to live in as it has it all – warm climate, good food and constantly developing business opportunities.

When I first came, I stayed in the city center rather than the hotel zone. I wanted to experience what does it feel like to be a local, instead of a tourist, see what are the local places to eat and things to do.

Exploring the beach of Cancun

Probably my favorite things to do were the water activities and the beach. To my disappointment, the central part of Cancun doesn’t have a beach. I had to take a 10-12km taxi ride to the Hotel Zone’s beaches which takes over a 30km long small peninsula that goes inside the Carribean sea.

Distant Lights in Caribbean Blue Night - Cancun Mexico [Explore #2, THANK YOU]

The beach is nice but the whole area is extremely artificial. The tall hotel buildings that are located on the coast ruin the beauty of the Caribbean coast. And that was until I found one of the top 10 beaches in the world that you must visit – Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres.

Trip to Isla Mujeres

At just 20 minutes ferry ride from Cancun, you can explore the beautiful beaches of Isla Mujeres.

playa norte isla mujeres cancun beach

Playa Norte is one of the beaches in the top 10 beaches of the world and is absolutely gorgeous.

isla mujeres south side ziplining in cancun

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Motorboat in open seas

Probably the most adventurous thing I have experienced was to go in open seas with a motorboat and snorkel around the reefs. The amazing people from Punta del Este arranged the experience.

punta del este cancun hotel zone motorboat

You get to drive one of those for a whole hour until you reach the point for snorkeling. If you haven’t done it in the past would be quite the “dangerous” fun experience – you would totally love it.

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Delicious fresh fruit smoothies

Probably my favorite thing about the food was the fact that everywhere you go you can order a freshly made juice from different fruits. The one that I liked the most was prepared from cucumber, spinach, mint, and lemon. It’s the perfect way to start a healthy morning.

Agua verde