Ibiza in 3 days – Sun, sea and beach

Ibiza in 3 days – Sun, sea and beach

As a first time visitor to this island of Spain, I was really excited to discover what the nature of Ibiza has to offer. We all know that this place is famous for its iconic clubs and nightlife, but behind all of that lays a beautiful island, with history, local culture, gorgeous sunsets, and crystal clear waters.

I didn’t have much time to do an in-depth exploration, but I managed to see enough in Ibiza in 3 days to want to come back.

The beautiful coastline of Ibiza

One of my favorite spots on the island has been to enjoy beachfront clubs. I enjoyed music, good food, and free WiFi during the day.

Melia Ibiza Beach Club

melia ibiza beach club

Even though you could find such crystal clear and clean spots around the coastline of Ibiza, probably the best beaches are located at a ferry ride away. From Ibiza, I took a ferry to Formentera and I discovered absolutely incredible beaches.

Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera

gecko hotel beach club formentera

These were also the perfect spots to actually do some work.

The amazing sunsets

For the chaser of the golden hour, there are just the rights spots in Ibiza and Formentera that would just stop your breath.

The Port of Formentera

ibiza formentera sunset

And to discover all the best spots, just rent a motorbike and go …

The Port of Formentera
ibiza formentera sunset

The west side of both islands is full of beautiful little beaches (Calas) wherein different locations the color of the sky has different colors.


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Delicious healthy food

Despite the island being at least 300% more expensive to eat out than Barcelona and Madrid, there were some really delicious healthy eats that can be found

Tuna Poke
ibiza tuna poke
Hummus & Veggies
Pink Smoothie

ibiza strawberry smoothie