The street food taste in 2019 – will you travel to try it?

The street food taste in 2019 – will you travel to try it?

“No, I wouldn’t” – probably said no one ever. Tasting street food around the world has been my “not so secret” guilty pleasure (for those who follow my Instagram) every time when I travel and when at home.

Food and culture go hand in hand

Street food and culture go together – to get to know your travel destination, eating at the local markets is a must experience that everyone should do. The feelings of food invoke a sense of community and belonging.

The taste of this year

Starting in Spain, you just can’t go without the traditional tapas and sangria…

tapas and sangria barcelona

Tapas & Sangria – Origin Spain

When you dive into the food markets, you end discovering different food not just from your destination but food typical for the home country of the people making it.

choripan argentina street food

Choripan (Pan filled with Argentinian steak meat) – Origin Argentina

vegeterian burger street food

Veggie Burger, Palo Alto, Barcelona

salmon pancake barcelona

Salmon Pancake, El Mercantin, Barcelona

and then, of course, there are the healthy stuff too…

acai bowl barcelona

Acai Bowl, Barcelona

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the best healthy ice-cream like dessert I’ve ever had: Acai Sorbet with fresh berries, and a bit of melty white chocolate.

acai srobet tel aviv

Acai Sorbet, Tel Aviv

poke bowl toronto

Poke Bowl, St Lawrance Market, Toronto

A city famous for one of its best street food markets in Europe is of course London!

chicken biryani street food london

Chicken Biryani, London

pad thai london street food

Prawn Pad Thai, London

Flying across the Atlantic to Canada and arriving in Toronto, just in time for St. Lawrence Market

grilled octopus toronto st lawrance

Grilled Octopus, St. Lawrance Market – Toronto

And then there were the times when I went off my normal diet

ice cream street food

Ice Cream, Barcelona

nutella waffle barcelona

Midnight Nutella Waffle, Barcelona

pasteis de nata

Pasteis de Nata – Origin Portugal

pumpkin muffin plovdiv street food

Pumpkin Muffins, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

rainbow gay pride tart

Rainbow Butter Tart, Toronto