Staying healthy while traveling – the tips of an experienced traveller

Staying healthy while traveling – the tips of an experienced traveller

If you have the health & wellbeing as a life priority, then staying healthy while traveling is a very important part of your life. Getting on a trip to an unknown destination is always creating a little bit of anxiety about what kind of food you will be able to find, where you’ll be able to train, how you’re going to maintain staying healthy and fit.

When I travel, I feel the same and there are a few things that one can do to have a good level of fitness while on a trip.

Keep a healthy diet

It might be a holiday, but it’s good to always have in mind to keep eating fresh, healthy food.

healthy fruit salad

The North Beach of Gili T Island, Lombok

Even though, it might not be always easy to find – with a little bit of advanced planning and research about your destination you can bookmark grocery shops, food markets, and well-rated restaurants around the place you are staying at.

One of my favorite type of food while traveling is the fresh tuna/salmon bowl – full of protein, gives you a lot of energy and keeps you light.

healthy tuna poke bowl

Poke bowl, salmon salad and a smoothie in Gili T Island, Lombok

It’s widely available at coastal destinations where access to fresh fish is much easier.

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Junk food is everywhere and it can tempt you easily, but putting a little bit of effort to find or prepare something good to eat would be well rewarded by your body. Not feeling tired would give you more hours to have fun on your trip.

healthy food in Bali

Plan out your wellbeing activities before traveling

Based on where you are going, what the climate will be like and what landscape the destination would offer you can easily decide what type of workout you could do.

The easiest and most common thing to do is to find a gym nearby (if you are in a city) and do a normal workout there. A lot of cities offer outdoor gyms too. But what if you are out and about in nature?

Activities in water

In many destinations, there are always some water activities available that one can do. One of my favorite things is paddleboarding

paddle boarding in canada

Paddleboarding in Lake Erie, Canada

In some beaches, there are paddleboards for rent, or if you get organized enough, you could bring your own.

Another exciting sports activity that you could do is snorkeling.

snorkeling health activity

Snorkeling in the Bali Sea

You’ll get to be active while enjoying spectacular views of the seafloor. Of course, if you’d like to keep it standard – swimming could be a great option too.

In the outdoors

Well, needless to say, that there are so many things that one can do to keep himself active regardless of where you are.

Cycling, running, mountain climbing, yoga, these are just some of the variety of options that can be done.

To do a workout all you need is your body weight. In a 2×2 space on solid ground in a park, garden or patio you can do a good functional training workout.

And if you end up in a more urban area, you could go out rollerblading

Stay hydrated at all times (especially in-flight)

There is no need to say how important water is for your body. While on the go you could sometimes forget that your body needs it and you end up going on until once starts to feel dizzy and with a headache. Staying healthy while traveling on long haul flights is tricky but hydration surely helps.

It’s important not to forget your water bottle. At many airports, you can refill it for FREE after you pass security and have at least a liter of water available to you at all times.

contiki travel waterbottle

Contiki’s Reusable Waterbottle

Pack in your vitamin supplements

Taking vitamins is very important to staying healthy while traveling, especially when going to a destination with a climate different from the one you are used to. As the older people would say, “there isn’t something that a Vitamin C can’t fix”, making sure you get enough of it on the go is essential.